Years of Culture



10th Anniversary

A decade goes by quickly when you’re greeting the world

In 2022, Years of Culture celebrated its 10th year of being together, learning together and enjoying together – there is no greater feeling and no greater way to progress.

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Thanks to our sponsors Years of Culture is a reality

Participating Organisations

Participating Organisations

  1. Al Jazeera Network
  2. Al Salam Department Stores
  3. Aspire Academy
  4. Cultural Affairs Agency of Japan
  5. Doha Film Institute
  6. Eastem Language Center, Doha
  7. Embassy of Japan in the state of Qatar
  8. Embassy of the State of Qatar in Japan
  9. Hyogo Prefectural Museum of art
  10. Japan cooperation Center for the Middle East
  11. Japan-GCC Student Association
  12. Japanese Teachers Association in Qatar
  13. Japan Foundation
  14. Katara Cultural village
  15. Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art
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Years of Culture are years of greater understanding and friendship.

Since 2012, Years of Culture has connected communities around the world with the people of Qatar to celebrate cultural similarities and differences through a programme of arts, heritage, sports, science, educational activity and much, much more
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Qatar-Indonesia 2023

Discover Qatar-Indonesia

The Qatar-Indonesia 2023 Year of Culture celebrates the friendship and collaboration between our countries, sharing our heritage, values, traditions and contemporary innovations. When Qatar and Indonesia’s cultures come together, a rich past meets a bright future.

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Volcanic landscape in Indonesia, rocky volcanoes surrounded by misty clouds against a sunset sky.