Years of Culture



Award-winning Palestinian Chef Sami Tamimi


Sami Tamimi is a celebrated Palestinian chef, author, restaurateur and food consultant based in London. Tamimi has built an impressive and illustrious career, including well-known creative and business collaborations with Yotam Ottolenghi.
Man wearing glasses, chef whites and apron stands with arms folded and a relaxed neutral expression against a metal wall.
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Collaborating since the early 2000s, the duo have co-authored bestselling cookbooks, opened successful restaurants and brought Palestinian cuisine to the world. Sami Tamimi is the co-owner of six delis and restaurants in London and he is known for a vibrant and bold cooking style, with modern recipes influenced by his homeland. 

The esteemed guests of the Qatar-MENASA 2022 Years of Culture opening ceremony at the Fire Station enjoyed a delicious selection of dishes inspired by the flavours of the MENASA region. In his first venture in Doha, Tamimi designed an appetiser based on classic Palestinian dishes, with influences from traditional cuisine, in a truly contemporary fusion of culinary cultures that was enjoyed by all. 

Plated appetisers with a slice of beetroot and salad by Sami Tamimi for Years of Culture Opening ceremony.

A chef's gloved hand adds the finishing touches to plated dishes, ready to be served at the Years of Culture opening ceremony

Outdoor courtyard of the Fire Station at night, set up with round tables for a formal dinner.