Years of Culture



A Journey of Photography from the USA to Qatar


As part of the Qatar-USA 2021 Year of Culture, photographers Andrew Studer and Khalifa Al Misnad undertook a magnificent journey through the Pacific Northwest, photographing landscapes and documenting their experiences. The resulting photographs formed a stunning exhibition, Light & Shadow: A Visual Journey Through Oregon, which was exhibited at the Qatar America Institute of Culture in Washington D.C.
A snowcapped mountain in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, with the orange glow of sunset against an orange sky.
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“I believe what is special about such an exchange as the Years of Culture is that you are exchanging perspectives. That ties into what we do with photography; you can take an infinite number of perspectives of a certain subject and each one has a certain truth to it, it's just a different way of looking at it. I think that the only way we can grow is to challenge each other's perspectives.” - Khalifa Al Misnad.

As part of our continued cultural connection with the USA, Andrew recently travelled to Doha, where he photographed the unique qualities of the city.

“The highlight for me has definitely been photographing Qatar’s urban architecture and the beautiful patterns and abstract details that the buildings themselves have. I feel so fortunate to have visited Qatar and experienced first-hand how warm and welcoming the people are as well as how vibrant their culture is.” - Andrew Studer

About The Photographers:

Based in Portland, Oregon, Andrew Studer is a talented photographer and videographer with a tremendous passion for the outdoors and documenting the world we live in. His work has been featured in publications such as National Geographic, BBC Earth and more.

Khalifa Al-Misnad is an entrepreneur and creative from Doha, Qatar. An engineer and lawyer by training, he is an adventurer at heart and has developed his passion for landscape photography, capturing beautiful moments across continents.