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The Turkish Shadow Puppets Show - Karagöz and Hacivat


As part of the Qatar-MENASA 2022 Year of Culture, the Turkish Embassy and the Yunus Emre Institute hosted a traditional Turkish shadow puppet show in Qatar.
A man performs traditional Turkish shadow puppetry behind a screen, with a puppet on a wooden stick in each hand.
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The traditional shadow play Hacivat and Karagöz was performed by Turkish theatre artist Cemal Fatih Polat for a delighted audience of children in Doha.

Considered an indispensable source of entertainment in Turkish society, much-loved Hacivat and Karagöz is an entertaining shadow play where animations are projected onto a screen.

About the Artist:

Cemal Fatih Polat is a Turkish actor who has appeared in several comedy series. He is certified by The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of The Republic of Turkey as a traditional theatre artist and has performed all over the world as a “Hayâlî”. He is also the director and writer of the play “Karagöz İstanbul Gezgini” which means “Karagöz: A Traveller in Istanbul” which was performed in Qatar in 2022.