Years of Culture



Creative workshop with Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto at M7 Qatar


In March 2022, M7 invited Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto to give a workshop in Qatar, having previously collaborated with him during the Qatar-Brazil 2014 Year of Culture.
Large orange art installation by Ernesto Neto of fabric walkways hung from the ceiling in a gallery space.
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The artist is known for his large-scale experimental sculptures and installations that invite viewer interaction and participation, often using unconventional materials. 

The event at M7 was inspired by Neto’s Skin Fabric concept, first teaching the traditional art of Brazilian crochet, then engaging artists and designers in a collaborative activity using local spices to dye paper. 

To celebrate the Qatar-MENASA 2022 Year of Culture, Neto’s workshop utilised spices from the region, from turmeric and sumac to cardamom and cinnamon, for the dye.

“Sometimes touch goes closer to the invisible, closer to places the eye cannot see, creating new ways of breathing in this universe. I feel the people are very connected to the earth here. This connection to the earth, to land, to nature is really important. And I see it here in Qatar.” - Ernesto Neto