How does a song become a song? The music that we stream and listen to on the radio might be perceived as works created solely by the natural intuition of artists, but in reality, there is a roadmap to most music. This workshop will walk through the process of songwriting. Professional musicians will serve as guides, exploring popular music. Led by members of the United States Air Forces Central Band, participants actively engage in this unique experience aimed at exploring the cultures and traditions that define us as part of the Qatar-USA 2021 Year of Culture.

The United States Air Force has had a continuous musical presence across the world since its birth in 1947. Stationed near Doha, Qatar, the United States Air Forces Central Band is a fixture of the United States Air Force’s partnership missions in Southwest Asia. They perform for ambassadors, embassy functions, local communities, school assemblies and military ceremonies, and work to create forums for cultural exchange and conversation. Participants of this event are encouraged to engage through the chat functions on Microsoft Teams to ask questions and join in on the conversation. 

The event will be conducted in the Music Room, broadcasted via Instagram Live (@QNL_engage) and Microsoft Teams.