Alanoud Al-Buainain, Vestige (Recollections), Video and Audio, 2021

Event Details

Opening Reception: Tuesday, December 14 from 6-9pm ET
Location: Lavan541, 541 W 25th St, New York, NY 10001

On view Tuesday, December 14 – Sunday, December 19, 2021


Pearls of Wonder: A Digital Era explores and recounts the history of pearl diving in Qatar.

This immersive and captivating digital art exhibition pulls inspiration from Qatar’s rich and involved history of pearl diving which is vastly intertwined within the country’s traditions and culture.

The exhibition showcases the digital art of 5 Qatari Artists via video, audio and VR, creating a sensory experience that evokes a time when Qatar was the most important pearl producer in the world.

The tradition of pearl diving, and its subsequent trade, paved and shaped the economic history of the whole region.

Featured Artists

Alanoud Al-Buainain

Alanoud Al-Buainain is a multidisciplinary artist working in drawing, photography, video, and installation. Her current work explores her environmental surroundings and how people interact with and make their mark on nature.

Her works have been exhibited at galleries and art spaces in Doha, Qatar, and New York City. She holds an MFA in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York, NY. She lives and works in Doha, Qatar.

May Almannai

May Almannai, A Journey to the Past, Digital Video and Animation, 2021

May Almannai is a Qatari-based, self-taught visual artist and illustrator. She works mainly in mixed media, combining digital and traditional painting. She has recently experimented with handcrafted watercolors, specially made by the artist utilizing historical and modern pigments to create layers and granulations.

She focuses on creating bold, colorful, and surreal characters and environments through patterns and painted textures. Her work has been exhibited throughout Qatar and internationally. May was an artist in residence at the Fire Station.

Mohammed Faraj Al-Suwaidi

Mohammed Faraj Al-Suwaidi, Bubbles & Pearls, Virtual Reality Experience, 2021

Mohammed has a BA and MA in Architecture and is currently pursuing his PhD in Digital Architecture at the University of Liverpool. He completed a Doha-FireStation and ISCP-New York artist residency in 2018-2019. Upon completion of the New York residency, his artwork medium evolved from mechanical sculptures to the digital platform.

He is currently a University Lecturer at Qatar University at the Department of Architecture. He pursues a career in research in Digital Architecture and Art in education, exploring the implementation of immersive technology, ranging from Virtual/Augmented reality to animation and digital projection in multiple art and academic platforms.

Maryam Al-Homaid

Maryam Al-Homaid, Singing Narratives Within the Deep Sea, Code-generated Video, Photography, 2021

Maryam is an interdisciplinary designer holding a Bachelors of Fine Arts and a Masters degree in Design Studies from VCUArts Qatar. She is now an Assistant Professor.

Maryam’s curiosity and exploration in design grew from a personal interest in Making. She believes that mixing technology based-mediums and the DIY culture can build the bridges between the high-tech mediums that exist today and the lost crafts that once existed in the Arabian Gulf.

Maryam’s works revolves around concepts of documentation change by creating multi-media installations & products. She had previously exhibited her installations in Milan, Moscow, Paris & Tokyo and was an artist in residence at the Fire Station.

Saida Al-Khulaifi

Saida Al-Khulaifi, Pearls of Rain, Video, Photography, Audio, and Textile, 2021

Saida Al-Khulaifi is a visual artist and curator. Al-Khulaifi obtained her MA degree in museums and gallery practice from University College of London and is currently working in the contemporary arts field in Qatar. Her works explore themes of identity, society norms and time.

Her artistic approach is a mix of analogue photography, experimental developing and printing, video, text and embroidery.