Meet Dana Al Fardan, Qatar’s only female contemporary composer!

She is also a songwriter and symphonic artist who draws on her rich Qatari cultural heritage and is influenced by her love of world music. An aspiring musician from a young age, her work has been inspired by classical musicians and musical theatre composers.

Her work is a blend of Arab-influenced contemporary and classical music, including her acclaimed musical, Broken Wings, which was performed in various theaters around the globe. She continues to emphasize the importance of creating and owning original content and cultivating an industry around that. Dana hopes to increase engagement and interaction with more musicians around the world and set the scene for the growth of a serious music industry in Qatar.

Along with the AFCENT Band and the Qatar Concert Choir, Al Fardan created the song “Rising” for the #QatarUSA2021 Year of Culture. A moving song inspired by what we can achieve when we work together, the song’s video was played on-screen during the opening ceremony at the January 15th Inauguration.

Watch the video below: