Chinese Contemporary Art curated by Cai Guo-Qiang
13 MAR 16 JUL
QM Gallery, Al Riwaq

Curated by CaiGuo-Qiang, a renowned Chinese contemporary artist, the exhibition What About the Art? profiles the work of fifteen leading Chinese artists. This exhibition reflects the unique contributions made by Chinese artists in contemporary art.

Cai wanted to explore clichéd narratives of contemporary art in China. Art from China is often stereotyped, or is expected to follow certain trends. He has chosen to go beyond the surface to learn more about the living cultures China embodies. He is inviting viewers to find meaning in the creative quest the artworks represent.

In order to promote individuality, CaiGuo-Qiang has chosen to display a mix of some of the most interesting art from China today. Each artist’s works will be displayed in separate spaces, to emphasize different expressive techniques.

The exhibition provides a powerful and immersive experience for the viewer, through the shared appreciation of art as part of the Qatar China 2016 Year of Culture.

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