Zhejiang Province is the main Chinese partner for the Qatar China 2016 Year of Culture, as nominated by the Chinese Ministry of Culture. In collaboration with The Chinese Embassy in Qatar, groups from Zhejiang will perform at the opening ceremony and the Chinese festival amongst other activities throughout the year. 

Located in the southeastern coastal area of China, Zhejiang is a dazzling city south of the Yangtze River Delta neighbouring Shanghai, China’s number one mega-city. Zhejiang has a sprawling sea area and is one of the country’s most densely-populated provinces. 

Zhejiang is well known for its opulence and is called “the land of fish and rice, silk and cultural treasures” and “cradle of Chinese civilization”. It is also one of China’s most splendid tourist destinations due to its picturesque mountains, rivers and lakes. The historical and cultural charm of the province interacts beautifully with China’s fast-growing modernity.