Drama Theatre, Katara
24th January 2016

Qatar Museums and the Qatari Ministry of Culture have teamed up with the Chinese Ministry of Culture and the Zhejiang Song & Dance Theatre and Zhejiang Folk Art & Acrobatics General Troupe presented a spectacular Jiang’nan style show to launch the Qatar China 2016 Year of Culture.

The Performances

Opening song & dance - Happy Reunion

A reunion for blessings, prosperity and close friendships to open the show.

1. Shooting Bowls Acrobatics Show

Based on traditional bowl kicking this performance added funny elements unique to China using home-made props.

2. Chinese Tea Leaf Picking Song and Dance and Qatari music

The song depicts an early spring morning when girls walk to the tea garden to pick the tender tea leaves, their fingers dancing among the vegetation.

3. A Joyful Festival Song

“Each of us live in a beautiful land, Bathed in golden sunlight, we get together, In a joyful moment, we sing heartily, Our youthful faces glowing with smiles.”

4. Red Heroes Dance

The times call for heroes, so does the nation, on the endless grassland, A group of ardent men work hard to take the lead and keep abreast of the times. This dance celebrates the heroes of China.

5. Qatari Song: Allah ya omry Qatar

6. Lotus: Umbrella Juggling

Based on traditional umbrella juggling, this innovative performance featured novelty, beauty, stability and a high degree of technical difficulty.

7. Illusions

The elaborately designed stage magic show used props such as masks, fans and umbrellas to beguile the audience.

8. The Jiangnan Dance

Combining Chinese calligraphy with Chinese opera and the ink-painted scenery of Jiangnan, the performance showcased the spiritual flow of the Orient.

9. The Bird Solo

A folk song characteristic of the Zhejiang Region, this song is a recreation of the chirping sing-song of birds in flight.

10. The Charm of Huadan Dance

Peking Opera, known as traditional Oriental Opera, has a long rich history in Chinese culture. Huadan is a charming character: lively, cheerful, intelligent and refined, glowing with youth and vitality. This dance was a tribute to the famous character.

11. Memory of Civilization: Chinese Ding

The performance centres around Ding, a symbol of imperial state and power; and brings audiences back on a breathtakingly tense journey to the mysterious Bronze Age 4,000 years ago.


Reunion at this Moment

The evening ended with a warm song: “Here we meet, with unchanged smiles on our faces despite the different languages that we speak; we reach out to embrace each other with true hearts. It is our reunion, the happiest reunion.”