Every year, Qatar Museums develops a logo inspired by the country we’re pairing up with.

The Qatar China 2016 logo is a brilliant collaboration on many levels between Qatar and China, starting out as a university project by students from Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar (VCU Qatar). They created a logo based on a stamp, the concept being that we were going to leave a special stamp on relations between Qatar and China.  It’s a trilingual logo combining three languages: Mandarin, Arabic and English reflecting the multi-cultural ambitions of the Years of Culture.

The VCU students were initially inspired by the following images

And eventually came up with this logo

The Chinese came back with their version

So the Qatar Museums Marketing and Years of Culture teams in collaboration with the Chinese Embassy worked together to produce the final logo for this Year of Culture! This was an example of true teamwork, from Qatar’s finest student designers to China’s diplomatic circles, with Qatar Museums facilitating the final product.